May 23, 2024
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New titles added to Seven Clubs TV

Blvd Vine Staff Reporter added 6 new titles to their website only to watch for FREE. Titles will be added to Seven Clubs TV- Roku channel at a later date due to channel upgrades. Click on image to go directly to title. Must register to watch movie for Free.

The New Titles are

  1. Abducted: Four teenage friends visit the nearby river, a mysterious figure appears that slowly lures them into a living nightmare that continues to haunt them and their friends.
  2. My Ex Is My Next: On his way to merge with an upcoming Sports agency. Dominique discovers that his ex (Misty) who he cheated on a year ago is the top agent at the agency. With good intentions and a jealousy complex he keeps her away from any man that tries to get with her.
  3. The Divorce Party :A newly dumped divorcee (Thomas Cocquerel) hires his former wedding planner (Matilda Lutz) to throw a “divorce party” celebrating his newfound singledom after being left by his wife (Claire Holt).
  4. Stripper Party: Mia, Mason, and Liz have seven days to come up with ten thousand dollars, so they decide to throw a hilarious stripper party to get the money.
  5. Spin The Block:A drug dealer struggles to maintain his sanity while attempting to forfeit a life of crime.
  6. River Road: A rock musician and a free-spirited woman start an intense relationship which soon spirals into a world of drug addiction and crime.