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New on Seven Clubs TV ( Aug.10th 2023)

By: Raquel Deloatch

Seven Clubs TV added new titles to its website only. Seven Clubs TV is in the progress of updating its Seven Clubs TV – app on Roku. To watch content on all customers have to register and sign in.

Suspicious Lea (2023)

Leanne, a sassy and determined female security officer, is on a mission to adopt a baby, but must first catch a crafty burglar to score a much needed pay raise. Get ready for hilariously awkward encounters and unexpected twists in this comedy mystery! Watch now :

One Lyfe To Love (2023)

Lyfe Benjamin fits the statistics that many black men fall under in this country today; he’s young, uneducated black, and lives a reckless life. Statistics say he will be incarcerated or dead by the age of twenty-five. Watch now:

Unexpected Romance (2023)

Destiny could be a wall away. In this award-winning romantic comedy, the solitary residents in a Los Angeles apartment building suddenly find themselves forced to rely on each other during the California stay-at-home mandate. Watch Now :

The Girl From Carolina ( TV Series) 2015 -10 episodes

Ferrari Thunderbird Taylor (aka Ferra) is never looking for trouble. Sometimes, and usually one of her good-for-nothing friends has something to do with it, it just sneaks right up and throws her for such a loop that she has no choice but to get involved. Watch now:

Monsoon Lover (2023)

Thomas McIntyre has come to Cambodia to escape his past. But when an old friend hires Thomas to take him on a tour through the underbelly of Cambodia’s pervasive sex trade culture, Thomas must face his enemies to save himself and the woman he loves. Watch now:

The Milkman: Vengeance (2023)

After witnessing the murder of his beloved Grandfather, during his childhood, a Special Operations veteran with a tick enacts his retributive justice against the destructive element of the city and those in power who look the other way. Watch now:

Hurry Monday (2023)

After being double crossed by her partners, a thief must scramble to fence a set jewels before they catch up to her. Watch now :

Todd Tarantula (2022)

A psychedelic journey across Los Angeles to find his stolen motorbike leads antihero Todd Tarantula through a time-bending experience where he must uncover the secrets of his past. Watch now:

Faster (20230

Jack Kenney falls into a war game with a Chinese organization that calls for retribution. With the help of Tom Craig, Jack must uncover the truth of this phenomenon by racing. Watch now:

First Coast Affair (2023)

Newly engaged Nicole needs a personal trainer to fit into her wedding dress. After an immediate attraction, the two engulf in a steamy affair. Before the wedding, Nicole tries to break off the affair, but Collin will not let her go, no matter what. Watch now .

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