May 23, 2024
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A chance meeting launches new career as actress- Zimesha West

Written By : Raquel Deloatch

We all have heard the stories of famous actress/actors careers launched by a chance meeting aka discovered in the hey day of the motion picture industry (1930s-1950s) nevertheless those days where long gone. So we thought, until Millegeville, Georgia native, and proud mother of two daughters and dog mom of four was discovered by From The Shadows actor , director, producer Christopher D. Hughes to act in his first feature .

From The Shadows is your debut film. How did you hear about the of Charlene?

Chris scout at me at my job and asked was I comfortable being a character in his movie. I actually thought he was kidding but that’s when we became Facebook friends and I learned that he was definitely for real. 


Chris Hughes (director) stated he type casted the but on steroids? Which values did you share with your character?

Being soft hearted, but this character actually taught me patience.

How did you prepare for the role of your character?

I’ve prepared by reading this group and getting to know what type of character I was playing. I also was coached by Chris because this character was not me at all so I had to learn to remove me and become the character Chris needed me to be

What was your favorite scene? And what was the most challenging scene and why?

 I didn’t have a favorite scene just working on set was fun within it self.

Chris stated the sex scene was difficult for him? Did you find it challenging and how did you inform your significant other that you had a love scene?

Yes, it was definitely out of my comfort zone and I don’t have a significant other all I was thinking about was Chris’ wife and what she would think about me.

Do you think there are a lot of opportunities for black actress?

Most definitely because to be honest, you see more black actresses and actors nowadays acting in movies.


Are you union or non-union? If you are non-union are you planning to join the union or continue to act in non union roles ?

Non-union and I will be non-union until we get to that point.

What type of roles would you like to tackle in the future?

It’s really not a role I will specifically won’t I enjoy learning to be anyone I have to be there the Director has chosen me to be.

What projects do you have lined up next?

Our upcoming movie curse of a father is our next big project to premiere in September.

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